Plant care on the shop floor

A good presentation is essential for a optimal sales! Below you will find the most important tips for a succesful presentation.
1. Always keep the presentation table fully filled.
2. Water the plants regularly.
3. Always keep the front positions filled.
4. Put the oldest plants in the front positions.
5. Present the plants upright and uniformly. Check this every day
6. Cut the plants twice a week until 5 cm above the cane.
7. Regularly check if the right plant are behind the right photocard.
8. Do you miss labels? Order new ones!
9. Damaged photo cards? Order new ones!
10. Keep the presentation fresh! Think of sales promotions.

Summer and autumn

  • Almost all the climbing plants are 4 in a tray. By doing this you can keep your climbers and small fruit presentation also fresh and complete in less bussy times.
  • We advise you to keep more space between the plants on your presentation table. By doing this your table looks as completely filled while you are able to keep a small stock.